Auction of leftover, fresh lots & vehicles on October 16 at Karachi


KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has announced auction of (leftover and fresh) lots and vehicles which will be held on October 16, 2017 at State Warehouse, Karachi, notification issued on Wednesday.
According to details, the following lots and vehicles to be presented for the auction which are as follows:
01. Foreign origin cloth (1820Kgs approx)
02. Another foreign origin cloth (1950Kgs approx)
03. CNG cylinder (226 Nos.)
04. Old and used Honda Accord Car Reg No QBA-0810 Model 2002
05. Toyota Grand Mark-II Car Reg No. APT-886 Model 2002
06.Toyota Crown Car Reg No. AA-7095 Model 1995
07. Toyota Prado Jeep Reg No. BD-4242 Model 1999
08. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. BEU-463 Model 2005
09. BMW 745Li Car Reg No. BFH-258 Model 2003
10. BMW Car Reg No. QZ-318 Model 2000
11. BMW 750i Car Reg No. EBH-745 Model 2002
12. BMW 745i Car Reg No. BEH-745 Model 2002
13. Toyota Corolla Car (Altis Saloon) Reg No. AAJ-803 Model 2004
14. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. AAJ-815 Model 2004
15. Toyota Surf Jeep Reg No. BF-8169 Model 1999
16. Cherokee Grand Summit Jeep Reg No. EF-875 Model 2011
17. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg No. BF-7673, Model 2003
18. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg No. BF-9252, Model 2002
19. Toyota Prado Jeep, Reg No. BF-9311, Model 1998
20. Toyota Mark X Car, Reg No. BFW-469, Model 2005
21. Toyota Mark X Car, without Registration plate/ Mark, Model 2004
22. Toyota Prado Jeep, Reg. No. BG-0112, Model 2002
23. Honda Inspire Car (Saloon), Reg. No. BET-510, Model 2006
24. Mercedes Benz Car (E-500), Reg, No. AC-3077, Model 2002
25. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No.BED-569, Model 2005
26. Toyota Prado Jeep (TZ), Reg. No. BG-0306, Model 2004
27. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg No. BF-8564, Model 1998
28. Toyota Mark-X Car (250G), Reg No. BFZ-042, Model 2005
29. Daihatsu Van (White Color), Reg. No. LES-11-7802, Model 1997
30. Toyota Mark X Car Reg No. AJY-111, Model 2005
31. Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg No. BBE-411, Model 2006
32. Toyota Crown Car, Reg No. AAK-226, Model 2005
33. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg No. BF-9434, Model 2005
34. Toyota Premio Car Reg. No BFL-080, Model 2002
35. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No. BC-1589, Model 1993
36. Toyota Prado Jeep, Reg No. BF-9458, Model 2002
37. Toyota Mark X (Saloon Type) Reg No. BFK-071, Model 2004
38. Toyota Mark-X Car (G-300), Reg No. BFP-125, Model 2006
39. Toyota Land Jeep, Reg No. BF-9233, Model 2003
40. Toyota Surf Jeep, Reg No. LSC-4894, Model 2000
41. Toyota Mark X (Saloon Type), Reg No. AFJ-465, Model 2006
42. Toyota Corolla Car, Reg No. GB-522, Model 2006
43. Honda Inspire Car (V6), Reg No. BEE-945, Model 2008
44. Toyota Crown Car, Reg No. BAB-392, Model 2004
45. Honda Civic Reborn Car, Reg No. AQB-554, Model 2008

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