Confiscated vehicles to be auctioned at Gaddani on Sept 23


KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has announced auction of confiscated vehicles lying at Gadani scheduled for September 23, 2017.
The details of confiscated vehicles to be presented for the auction are as follow:
01. BMW Car, Reg No. ANG-032, Chassis No. WBGL42020DD-78677
02. Mitsubishi Pajero, Model 1993, Chassis No. V46-4214387
03. Toyota L/C Jeep, Reg No. JAA-195, Chassis No. LJ71-0003920, Model 1988
04. Toyota Corolla Car (Scrap of Dismantled), Reg No. A-0133 (tampered)
05. Hilux Surf (SSR) (Scrap of Dismantled), Reg No. BS-4930, Chassis No. LN1307026160 (tampered)
06. Hino Oil Tanker, Reg No. TTA-677, Chassis No. FF2HMA-10063
07. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. JAA-889, Chassis No. BJ60-020679
08. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. JAE-140, Chassis No. HZ177-0002489, Model 1991
09. Toyota Jeep Land Cruiser, Reg No. AFR-2015, Chassis No. FJ40-371932
10. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. BA-4463, Chassis No. BJ-61-003506
11. Mitsubishi Pajero, Rag No. JAL-231, Chassis No. LO48G-3005856
12. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. QBA-1649, Chassis No. HJ61-013994

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