Customs announces WeBOC MB module from April 01

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs on Wednesday announced that WeBOC Manufacturing Bond (MB) module will be operational from April 01, 2017 as pilot run of the module has already deployed in WeBOC system.
In a notice issued by Chief Collector Enforcement South stated that the module will be rolled out for operation and implementation effective from April 01, 2017 with following features:
All new manufacturing bond licenses are required to be issued through the WeBOC system. The license application filing by the applicant and approval process by the regulatory collectorate has been provided in the system, starting from the processing officer to the final approval authority (collector) for new license.
The provision to feed/upload particulars of existing licenses is available concurrently with both the regulatory collectorate as well as the license holders. The validation of existing licenses in the new module is necessary for future reconciliation of imports and exports made by existing licenses in WeBOC. The regulatory collectorates have been advised to upload the particulars/documents of existing license expeditiously in coordination with the license holders to avoid errors so that the system is fully operational with effect from April 01, 2017.
The notice said that the uploading of existing licenses may not be taken as renewal process of the licenses.

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