Customs intelligence recovers Rs166.16 million worth smuggled goods, three vehicles

KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation, Customs, Karachi has recovered smuggled goods worth Rs166.16 million and seized three vehicles in an action against a bonded carrier.
According to a press release issued by the directorate, in pursuance of information received through Directorate General of Intelligence customs bonded carrier M/s. Saifur Rehman & Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd., (Chal No. 773) Karachi, and others are involved in misuse of transshipment facility and clandestine removal / smuggling of Mobile Phones, Tablets, LED TVs and other misc. electronic goods in the garb of computer broken parts, the staff of ASO intercepted a trailer bearing Registration No. TKB-682 on 10-08-2017 loaded with 1×20’ container No. PONU-063711, near Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi.
At the time of interception, the shipper and customs seals were found broken and bonded goods were being removed / off-loaded from the container into Shehzore Mini Truck bearing Reg. No. KP-9342 under the supervision of Adnan (trailer driver) and Muhammad Junaid (local cargo carrier / agent), who was present on the spot in his private vehicle Honda Vezel jeep bearing Registration No. BG-1072.
The said persons, on demand, produced computer printout of Transshipment Permit No. KAPW-24953 dated 09-08-2017 showing IGM No. KAPW-137-2017 dated 09-08-2017 and Index No. 267 along with other transshipment / shipping documents of the subject container.
Perusal of aforesaid record revealed the declared description in T.P Goods Declaration as Computer Broken Parts, weighing (28.90 MT net) packed in two container Nos. PONU-0673711 (1×20’) and PCIU-8048660 (1×40’), imported by M/s. K.K. Metal Industries (NTN No. 4263956) Sumbrial Dry Port through M/s. Saifur Rehman and Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. Customs Bonded Carrier (Chal No. 773), Karachi. Upon preliminary investigation, Adnan (driver) and Muhammad Junaid (Carrier / Agent) disclosed that a substantial quantity of goods had been removed from the container before interception and transported / secreted at a private Godown No. 3097-98, situated at 3rd Floor, Central Plaza, Marston Road, near Gul Plaza/Nasheman Cinema, Karachi, for further disposal in the local market.
Accordingly, the intercepted container No. PONU-0673711 loaded onto Trailer No. TKB-682, partially loaded Shehzore Mini Truck bearing Registration No. KP-9342 and private Honda Vezel Jeep bearing Reg. No. BG-1072, including Adnan (driver) and Muhammad Junaid (carrier / agent) were escorted to the office of the Directorate General for conducting detailed examination of the goods and fulfillment of other legal formalities. In the meantime, search of private godown No. 3097-98, situated at 3rd Floor, Central Plaza, Marston Road, Near Nasheman Cinema / Gul Plaza, Karachi was also conducted in terms of Section 163 of the Customs Act, 1969, which resulted in recovery of huge quantity of foreign origin mobile phones, LED TVs, Satellite Dish Receivers, etc. that had been illegally removed from the intercepted container and also previously secreted in the premises. The said recovered goods were later transported / shifted to the office of the Directorate General for necessary follow up action.
Physical examination of the goods recovered from the intercepted container and private godown was conducted subsequently in the presence of independent mushers and detailed inventory prepared, which is as follows:

S# Description Qty in Pcs Value in PKR Million
1 Mobile Phones (Assorted brand, model, origin) 14493 144.930
2 Tablets 2282 13.692
3 LED TVs 76 1.140
4 Satellite Dish Receivers 1708 3.416
5 Paint Markers 81600 0.816
6 Mobile Phones without LCD 970 1.940
7 Mobile Accessories 1549 0.020
8 Sewing Needles 32000 0.032
9 TV Boards 77 0.077
10 DVD-R 9600 0.096
TOTAL VALUE in Million 166.159
1 Trailer bearing Reg. No. TKB-682/ along with loaded 1×20’ container No. PONU0673711 One Unit 2.500
2 Shehzore Mini Truck No. KP-9342 One Unit 1.00
3 Honda Vezel Pilot Car bearing Reg. No. BG-1072 One Unit 3.00

It is pertinent to mention that during search of Honda Vezel Jeep belonging to Muhammad Junaid (carrier / agent) bearing Registration No. BG-1072, an amount of Rs. 898,000/- in cash, registration booklet of vehicle in the name of Muhammad Imran (CNIC No. 42201-8442440-1 and 9MM pistol (Taurus Brand) with two magazines were also taken into custody against documentation.
The aforesaid goods (inventory) being liable to confiscation were, accordingly, seized under section 168 of the Customs Act, 1969. FIR of the case bearing No. M-2367/DCI/Seiz/2017 dated 10-08-2017 was lodged in the court of Special Judge (Customs and Taxation) Karachi. Two accused arrested so far i.e. Muhammad Junaid (carrier / agent) and Adnan (driver) are on remand uptill 14-08-2017. Further investigation to unearth the whole scan in underway.

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