Estacode provisions circulated for combating corruption in Pakistan Customs


KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has circulated a notification for all field staff of Pakistan Customs for implementation of rules related to curbing corruption in the organization.
In its circular ‘Enforcement of Estacode Provisions Related to Prevent the Incidence of Corruption in the Government Departments’ the FBR said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had issued letter in this regard for compliance.
The NAB letter said that on the directions of chairman NAB, the awareness and prevention division of NAB carried out a study of the Civil Establishment Code (Estacode) in a bid to reiterate the measures that relate to prevention of corruption.
It was encouraging to observe that the chapter on ‘Conduct and Discipline’ contains measures that intend to combat corruption in civil departments and further reduce the government organization vulnerability to corruption.
Provisions of Civil Establishment Code that seek to prevent the incidence of corruption in the government department are:
a. Responsibility of all officers to watch the conduct of their subordinates.
b. Responsibility of Head of Departments/Organizations to eradicate corruption from officials working under them.
c. A head of department will bear responsibility, and be answerable for proven charges of corruption within the area of his administrative jurisdiction.
d. Setting up of committees to deal with cases of corruption.
The NAB said that if these provisions are implemented in letter and spirit most of the corrupt practices would be curbed at the departmental level. The public at large may not need to seek intervention of anti-corruption agencies for problems they face from government departments.

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