Expatriate Pakistanis allowed to import vehicle under personal baggage, gift and transfer of residence schemes


KARACHI: In order to facilitate Pakistanis living abroad, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made special arrangements and issued guidelines for import of vehicles, which includes cars and motorcycles.
According to details, the FBR has allowed the import of cars and motorcycles under transfer of residence scheme, gift scheme and personal baggage scheme. However, imports of buses, vans, pickups, trucks, agriculture tractors, bulldozers, laser land levelers and combined harvesters are not allowed under the scheme.
The overseas Pakistanis under this scheme can import vehicle once in two years i.e. 700 days after the date of bill of entry or goods declaration of an earlier import under of such schemes.
Under the import of vehicle scheme to overseas Pakistani cars cannot be imported which are more than three years old mode from year of manufacture.
Under personal baggage scheme the local resident required to stay abroad about 180 days. This restriction is 700 days in case of transfer of residence scheme or gift scheme.
Under the gift scheme, a person can give away the vehicle to a family member who is resident of Pakistan. In other two schemes this facility is not available,
The customs clearance of such vehicles under these schemes would be cleared on different duty and taxes vary from US$4,400 to US$23,100.

Procedure & documents required for import of vehicles by expatriate Pakistanis
Pakistan Customs Baggage Rules: unlimited foreign currency allowed on arrival; $10,000 permitted at departure; Rs500 for departing to India


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