Import Policy Order – 2016 explains goods not prohibited


KARACHI: The ministry of commerce issued Import Policy Order – 2016 and explained prohibited in the Appendix ‘A’. However, this ban is not applicable on certain goods on imports into Pakistan.
The goods that are not prohibited with special permission are included:
(a) import of goods by the federal government for defence purposes;
(b) any goods which are exempt from customs duties on importation by the Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Pakistan under the Diplomatic and Consular Privileges Act, 1972 (IX of 1972); and
(c) ministries, Divisions, Provincial Governments and their departments and other Government agencies may import items, irrespective of their import status to meet their requirements, subject to the condition that order in respect of which are placed directly by the administrative Secretaries of respective Divisions, Departments or officers authorized by the administrative secretaries, provided they meet their requirements of foreign exchange from their own foreign exchange budget allocation;
(ii) goods of Israeli origin or imported from Israel;
(iii) live animals i.e. cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats, meat and bone meal, tallow containing protein and feed ingredients animal origin from BSE infected countries, such as U.K, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Falkland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Brazil, Czech. Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA and Alberta Region of Canada; Provided that import of meat and meat products from other parts of Canada shall however be allowed subject to certifying additional animal quarantine requirements. This ban shall however not apply on the import of feed ingredients, namely-milk enhancers, concentrates, growth promoters, enzymes, fish meal replacers, transmuted into premixes and growth promoters, feather meal and poultry meal which have originated from vegetable, poultry, mineral and sea sources from the aforesaid BSE infected countries:
Provided further the ban on import of live animals from BSE infected countries shall not be applicable from the countries which have been declared as “Negligible Risk” by OIE and shall be allowed if the animals are only from such herds where no incidence of BSE has been reported for the last eleven years and this fact shall be certified by the concerned veterinary authority of the exporting country.
Provided also that import of pets (cats, dogs, fancy birds, etc.) shall be allowed subject to the condition that the concerned National Veterinary Authority of the above specified exporting countries shall certify the BSE status of the country and the feeding of pets with meat, bone meal and greaves derived from BSE infected ruminants has been banned and effectively enforced;
(iv) poultry and poultry products and other captive live birds (pet, game, wild, exotic and fancy birds) from Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Iran, Italy Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iraq, Bulgaria, Slovenia, France, Nigeria, Slovakia, Austria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Germany, Afghanistan, Scotland-United Kingdom and China on account of Avian Influenza H5N1 strain, shall not be allowed till further orders. This ban shall however not apply to egg powder from China and to the import of cooked poultry products from South Africa and Malaysia, after certification from designated laboratories at Hong Kong to the effect that these are free from Avian Influenza H5N1 strain:
Provided that import of poultry and poultry products from South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iraq, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina shall be allowed subject to the condition that birds are only form such flocks where no incidence of Bird-Flu has been reported for the last eleven years. This fact shall be certified by the concerned veterinary authority of the exporting country.
Provided further that this ban shall also not apply to the import of day-old grandparent stock chicks, day-old parent stock or breeders chicks of layers and broilers and hatching eggs from France, Germany, Iran and United Kingdom subject to certification from the veterinary authorities of the exporting country that these chicks and hatching eggs have not originated from the Avian Influenza infected zones or areas:
Provided also further that this ban shall also not apply to the import of fancy, captive and game or hobby birds from South Africa subject to certification from their competent veterinary authority that these birds have originated from avian influenza free zones or areas:
Provided further that this ban shall not apply to the import of processed or cooked poultry products from China, subject to the certification from the competent authority in China to the effect that-
(a) Poultry commodity or products have been processed at not less than 70 0C (Degree Celsius) for reasonable time length throughout manufacturing or cooking of the product to ensure the destruction of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)(H5NI) virus; and
(b) Raw material for said processed poultry commodity or product has originated from Avian Influenza free zone or area or compartment and processed or cooked in an approved establishment registered with competent authority of exporting country;
(v) counterfeit products;
(vi) import of all rough diamonds from, ‘Cote’d Ivoire’’; and
(vii) goods specified in Appendix-C are banned for import in secondhand or used condition except those specifically exempted therein.

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