Import Policy Order – 2016: import of mobile handset subject to PTA approval

KARACHI: The government has decided that import of mobile handsets and tablets would only be allowed on certification of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
According to Import Policy Order – 2016, the import of said items shall only be allowed subject to production of type approval certificate from PTA.
The government also imposed restriction on import of transmission apparatus whether or not incorporating reception apparatus, (excluding fax machines and mobile phones) T.V. transmission antenna system, field pick-up units STL equipment, VHF set, TV modulator and demodulator, video projection systems and video switching system.
However, such items are allowed for import by PTV, concerned public sector agencies, and others licensed by the federal government. companies having agreement with the concerned government agencies for supply of cellular and mobile phone facility may also import these equipments.
The government also issued policy for import of waste and scrap of exhausted batteries of automobiles. Under which import of such scrap shall be allowed only in favor of industrial consumers only for their own use subject to the condition that importer shall furnish to Customs Authorities:-
(a) a certificate from the concerned Federal or Provincial Environment Protection Agency that they have adequate manufacturing facility capable of handling hazardous wastes in accordance with the provision of Basel Convention; and
(b) permission or authorization specifying quantitative entitlement for the import of waste and scrap of electric accumulators issued by the or concerned Federal/Provincial Environment Protection Agency/Department.

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