Import Policy Order – 2016: Pakistani companies working abroad allowed to import used machinery


KARACHI: Pakistani companies engaged in construction activities abroad have been allowed to import second hand machinery on completion of their projects.
The Import Policy Order -2016 stated that import of used and second hand construction machinery, including prime movers (HS heading No. 87.01) but excluding tractors (HS heading No. 87.01), trailers (HS heading No. 87.16), passenger vehicles and luxury or saloon cars (HS headings No. 87.02 and 87.03) and other vehicles for the transport of goods (HS headings 87.04), shall be allowed on completion of overseas projects by Pakistani companies:
Provided that such machinery has been actually purchased from the foreign exchange earnings of the concerned Pakistani companies and the machinery and equipment is used on the projects abroad and profit earned from the said projects is repatriated to Pakistan through official channels. A certificate from Pakistan’s Mission in the country of project confirming the actual use of such machinery on the project shall be submitted to the customs authorities at the time of import.

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