Pakistan Customs announces auction of goods, vehicles at Faisalabad on Dec 14


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Customs has announced auction of goods and vehicles to be held on December 14, 2017 at SWH, Intelligence & Investigation-Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Faisalabad.
The following goods and vehicles are to be offered for auction:
01. Generator (Diesel) 150-KVA: 01
02. Two diesel generator, 50-KVA each
03. Dyed brown shade knitted sherpa fleece fabric: 479-kgs
—- Micro fine tag pins: 217-kgs
—- loop lock: 165-kgs
—- zip: 1185-kgs
04. Samsung brand LED TV 42” Model series 9-9000: 04 Nos
—- Samsung brand LED TV 32” Model series G-9900: 04 Nos
—- Samsung brand LED TV 40” Model Series-1-12000: 01Nos
—- Sony Bravia LED TV 42” Model 42 X/w90: 01 Nos
—- Samsung brand LED TV 24” Model series 9-9000: 01 Nos
—- A/s Cloth=10 Rolls, each of 60 yards= 600 yards: 84-kgs
05. Ceramic Tiles Kashi Eram brand in Iran. Size 300×600. 97-Ctns: 139.6 square meters
—- Ceramic Tiles Kashi Eram brand in Iran. Size 500 x 500.50-Ctns: 75sqm
—- Ceramic Tiles Kashi Eram brand in Iran. Size 300×600. 293 Ctns: 474.66sqm
—- Ceramic Tiles Kashi Eram brand in Iran. Size 300×600. 71 Ctns: 102.24sqm
—- Total 511 Ctns and 791.58sqm
06. F/o Motives (decorated with glass/plastic beads. Cut to size. 29 bundles: 1750-kgs
07. Foreign origin used Led Acid Rechargeable Dry batteries (cell)
(i) SHOTO brand, 600-Ah. Model GFMJ-600A: 48 Nos
(ii) NARADA Brand, 500-Ah. Model GFMJ-490: 48 Nos
(iii) SACRED SUN Brand, 500-Ah. Model GFMJ-500: 24 Nos
(iv) BSB Brand, 500-Ah: 24 Nos
Total 144 Nos and 5600-kgs
08. F/o slightly used tyres of different brands for LTV: 179 Nos
09. Nissan brand old and used Generators 20-KVA – (2), 15-KVA = (2): 04 Nos
10. (i) Foreign origin cloth for ladies plane in rolls: 9115-kgs
(i) Tyres with tubes (NEW) size 1000R20. 18-PR. Made in China: 100 Nos
(ii) O/u split air condition different brands: 10 Nos
11. Milano Brand Cigarettes (Furious Red, Urban Mirage, Super Slim Silver/Green, Blue, King Edition) (UAE) 119 Ctns=20-cigarette/pack: 5950 outers
—- NAPOLI brand Cigarette (King Size Filter)=15 Ctn=20 cigarettes/pack: 750 Outers
—- RAISON Brand Cigarettes (Blue) Made in Korea=30 ctns, 20-cigarette/pack: 1500 Outers
—- DUNHILL Master Blend Brand Cigarettes (Made in London), 20-cigarettes/pack: 25 Outers
—- ZEN Blue Brand Cigarettes (Special Edition) Made in USA, 20-cigarette/pack: 25 Outers
12. RED (Virginia) Brands Cigarettes, Chelsea Tobacco Ltd., London Made in England= Each outers containing 10-small packets of 20-cigarettes: 500-outers
13. Milano Furious Red Brand Cigarettes I/o. Not shown =02-cartons: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Ashima luxury Brand Cigarettes. I/o Switzerland= 01 carton: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Business Club Exclusive Brand Cigarettes. I/o United Kingdom=01 carton: 10,000 cigarettes
—- More International 200 Menthol Brand Cigarettes= 15-sticks (outers)= 3,000 cigarettes
—- Marboro Gold Original Brand Cigarettes. I/o Switzerland=01 carton: 10,000 cigarettes
—- Banidof Brand Cigarettes. I/o Germany=25 sticks (outers): 5,000 cigarettes
—- Dunhill Switch Brand Cigarettes. I/o United Kingdom: 6,000 cigarettes
—- Benson & Hedges Blue Gold Brand Cigarettes. I/o London- 15 sticks: 3,000 cigarettes.
14. Luvin Fresh Chocolate Brand Cigar. I/o India: 500 cigars
—- Luvin Strawberry Brand Cigar. I/o India: 1,000 cigars
—- Gold Coal, I/o China: 66 kg
15. Dunhill Brand Cigarettes. I/o London: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Pine Light Brand Cigarettes. I/o Korea: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Marlboro Gold Brand Cigarettes. I/o Switzerland: 10,000 cigarettes
—- Milano King Edition Brand Cigarettes I/o not shown: 30,000 cigarettes
—- Benson & Hedges special filter brand cigarettes I/o not shown: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Dunhill International Brand Cigarettes I/o London: 20,000 cigarettes
—- Mond Super slims filter Brand cigarettes (sun mint) I/o not shown: 30,000 cigarettes
16. Toyota Corolla Car, Model 1993 Chassis No. EE100-3076180, Engine No. 5E-1664805. 1331-CC. Reg. No.AAM-350 Quetta: one
17. Nissan X-Trail (TS dCi), Model -2010, (As per seat belts), Chassis No IN1TCNT31A0051995, 1995-CC (Diesel), Reg. No. AAN-772 Quetta: one
18. Honda Reborn, Chasis No. FDI-1005196, Model: 2005 (As per seat belts), Engine No: 1005227, 1800-CC (Petrol). Reg No. LEC-3538: one

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