Budget Proposals 2017/2018: PLGMEA suggests withdrawal of 0.25pc export development surcharge

KARACHI: Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA) has urged Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to withdrawn 0.25 percent export development surcharge to reduce cost of production and make Pakistan’s exports competitive in the international market.
PLGMEA suggested proposal for budget 2017-2018:
1. To finalize consideration for early announcement for the Removal of Custom duty on import of raw hides & skin, which is 4%( 3%+ 1%) and for Tanning Machineries “ As already allowed for import of Cotton & Textile Machineries in package ” to meet the essential demands for Leather Industries for necessary value addition for re-export of fetching precious foreign exchange for the national exchequer, as livestock and eventually hides and skins in Pakistan are depleting very fast in country.
2. To give retrospective effect of Sixth Schedule of the Sale Tax,1990 from 14 February, 2013 wherein Raw and Pickled Hides & Skin & Wet blue Hides and Skins exempted from Sales Tax as announced in Federal Budget 2015-16.(superseding SRO-98(I)/2013 dated 14.02.2013,SRO-505(I)/2013 dated 30.06.2013 and SRO-897(I)/2013 dated 04.10.2013)
3. To suspend deduction of Export Development Surcharge @ 0.25% for at least 3 years
4. To withdraw levy of 3.5% Gas infrastructure Cess (GIDC).
5. “No Payment No Refund Regime should be continue
6. To withdraw restrictions on Export of wildlife or any parts thereof and to allow Export of Leather Garments with fur trimmings as per Pakistan Trade Control of Wild Fauna and Flora Act 2012 and other prevalent international laws governing the Export of Garments with fur.

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