FBR assigns postings to 61 fresh assistant commissioners


KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has assigned postings to 61 fresh assistant commissioners (BS-17) of Inland Revenue after completing training at Directorate of Training and Research (Inland Revenue) Lahore.
The FBR directed the concerned chief commissioners to ensure that the probationary officers are attached to all functional units i.e. audit, enforcement, legal, IP, HRM and TFD on rotation basis in order to impart the necessary skills of each functional unit to the new offices.
The probationary officers with their place of postings are included:
01. Ms. Sania Makhdoom, Regional Tax Office (RTO) Multan.
02. Hayat Omer Malik, RTO-II Karachi
03. Ms. Fatima Anjum, RTO Sargodha
04. Ali Khali, RTO Gujranwala
05. Ms. Rafia Nawaz Ranjha, RTO-II Lahore
06. Ms. Sana Saleem, RTO Multan
07. Ahmed Faiz, RTO Faisalabad
08. Ahmad Naveed Fazal, RTO Sialkot
09. Farhan Ahmad, RTO Sialkot
10. Ms. Mehreen Yousaf, RTO-II Lahore
11. Ms. Namra Ijaz, RTO Faisalabad
12. Ms. Saman Zahra, RTO-II Lahore
13. Ms. Bushra Ranjha, RTO-II Lahore
14. Sohail Anjum, RTO Gujranwala
15. Abdul Rehman, RTO Rawalpindi
16. Usama Amin Cheema, RTO Gujranwala
17. Ms. Komal Altaf, RTO-II Karachi
18. Ms. Javeria Hayat, RTO-II Lahore
19. Ms. Maheen Ali, RTO-II Lahore
20. Ms. Anoshe Fakhruddin, RTO-II Karachi
21. Umair Malik, RTO-II Karachi
22. Abdul Baseer Khan, RTO Abbottabad
23. Ms. Tooba Ahmed Khan, RTO-II Karachi
24. Usman Asif, RTO Peshawar
25. Ms. Haneen Saif, RTO Abbottabad
26. Muhammad Junaid, RTO-II Karachi
27. Aamir Hussain, RTO-II Karachi
28. Muhammad Naeem Orakzai, RTO Peshawar
29. Ms. Aqsa Ali, RTO-III Karachi
30. Ms. Aqsa Gharshin, RTO Quetta
31. Ms. Ayesha Dars, RTO Hyderabad
32. Ms. Sanam Rasool, RTO-III Karachi
33. Ms. Kiran Zahra, RTO Rawalpindi
34. Shahzad Akbar, RTO-III Karachi
35. Razi Ul Haq Qureshi, RTO-III Karachi
36. Malik Khan, RTO-III Karachi
37. Ms. Farah Khan, RTO Rawalpindi
38. Arsalan Ali, RTO Abbottabad
39. Saqlain Saleem, RTO III Karachi
40. Shehryar Atique, RTO Sialkot
41. Ms. Zainab Ahmed Cheema, RTO Islamabad
42. Usama Amin, RTO Sialkot
43. Ms. Shahida Nazeer, RTO Bhawalpur (Further to be posted in Rahim Yar Khan)
44. Ali Ali Raza, RTO Gujranwala
45. Muhammad Safian Adeel, RTO Faisalabad
46. Ms. Mehak Fatima, RTO Bhawalpur
47. Muhammad Fahad Mir, RTO Hyderabad
48. Khan Muhammad, RTO Hyderabad
49. Ms. Amna Sharif, RTO Peshawar
50. Ms. Rabia Haider Bokhari, RTO Gujranwala
51. Ali Saeed, RTO Rawalpindi
52. Ms. Samyya Qayyum, RTO Rawalpindi
53. Ray Muhammad Najam Nawaz Saqib, RTO Sargodha
54. Ahmad Taimoor, RTO Gujranwala
55. Syed Shah Faisal, RTO Sukkur
56. Muhammad Anique uz Zaman Khan, RTO Sukkur
57. Rizwan Manzoor, RTO Faisalabad
58. Najam ul Hassan, RTO Faisalabad
59. Abudllah Zulfiqar, RTO Sargodha
60. Muhammad Yousaf, RTO Quetta
61. Kamran Hussain, RTO Quetta

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