Customs asked to take action against commercial imports of cars


ISLAMABAD: The ministry of commerce has asked customs authorities to take strict action against commercial importers of cars as there was no provision of commercial imports of cars under the law.
The ministry of commerce has clarified that the car import has only be allowed for overseas Pakistanis under gift, personal baggage and transfer of residence schemes.
It further said that the benefits under these schemes are not allowed on the imports of commercial basis. The ministry said in the recent decisions taken were to discourage the imports of luxury goods. It also said that the ministry was streamlining the imports of used cars.
In the latest decisions the provision of bank account certificate was added in order to ensure avoid any misuse of the policy and overseas Pakistanis should pay duty and taxes through their remitted amount through banking channels.
The ministry said some elements were propagating that such policy had been formulated to stop the car imports in the future. It said that the overseas Pakistanis will remain avail the facility and the decision was taken after consultations.
It clarified that persons making imports of cars on commercial basis would be responsible for their losses and customs authorities have been asked to ensure the implementation of the policy. The ministry also clarified that except for those stuck up cars there was no intention to change the policy.