FBR issues procedure for sale of confiscated tampered vehicles


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Friday issued procedure for sale of confiscated vehicles with tempered chassis number to government and semi government departments.
The FBR in Customs General Order (CGO) No. 05 said that the procedure has been issued in pursuance of Economic Coordination Committee decision with a view to regulate the sale of confiscated vehicle with tampered / cut-and-weld chassis numbers (tampered vehicles) to government/semi-government departments in a transparent manner and to bringing in uniformity in their disposal.
The FBR said the federal and provincial government/semi-government department and government owned educational, medical and scientific institutions shall be eligible for the purchase of tampered vehicles. These vehicles shall in no case be sold to any person in his individual capacity.
The FBR said the sale/disposal of tampered vehicle shall be governed under the following terms and conditions:
(1) The purchase request in case of federal government ministries/division and provincial government departments shall be forwarded through their secretaries to the concerned chief collector or director general or collector/director of customs under whose jurisdiction tampered vehicles are available for disposal. In all other cases such request shall be furnished through the head of the eligible organizations or departments.
(2) The payment due for purchase of tampered vehicle shall only be drawn from relevant official head of expenditure of the purchasing department for deposit in the official account of the concerned Collectorate or Directorate. No cash transfers or payment through cheques issued by individual shall be entertained or accepted.
(3) The allottee/purchasing department shall be responsible for the registration of the tampered vehicles in its name with the relevant motor registration authorities.
(4) These vehicles shall be allotted / sold on ‘as is where is basis’, for exclusive official use of the allottee department and shall not be further transferable to other departments or individuals.
(5) The tampered vehicle sold to eligible departments shall be considered their property and the price paid against its purchase shall not be refunded for any reason whatsoever. However, the concerned Collectorate or Directorate of Customs from where such vehicle is purchased shall reserve the right to call back the sold vehicle in case same is required to be presented before any judicial forum of court of law.
(6) The concerned Chief Collector or Director General reserves the right to reject any purchase request without giving any reason.