Stuck up vehicles allowed 20pc waiver on storage charges


KARACHI: Pak Shaheen Container Services (Pvt) Limited (PCSC) has allowed waiver of 20 percent on storage charges of imported vehicles, which were stuck up at ports due to change in procedure announced by the government.
Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) approached different fora for seeking relief in demurrage charges after the withdrawal of procedural change by the government for customs clearance of imported vehicles.
In a communication with KCAA, the PCSC said that in order to facilitate the trade a 20 percent waiver on storage charges of Pak Shaheen Container Services will be allowed only on those vehicles which were not cleared due to adoption of a new mechanism under which if vehicles are imported under personal baggage, transfer of residence or gift scheme the remittance for payment of duties and taxes should originate from the bank account of Pakistan’s national sending the vehicle from abroad. This procedure was reversed on February 23, 2018.
This waiver will not be applicable to vehicles imported before the changes made in import policy and after its withdrawal by the government, PSCS said and added that the waiver was only applicable to storage charges of PSCS and not on terminal/shipping lines delay/detention/demurrage charges.