Parliamentarians allowed free air travel to all national airlines


KARACHI: The parliamentarians have been allowed free air travel on all domestic airlines instead of domestic travel through national flag carrier.
The parliament made amendment Section 10 of Members of Parliament (Salaries and Allowances) Act, 1974 through Finance Act, 2018 related to free travels of the parliamentarians.
According to amended section: “Every member shall be provided during a year with such voucher of the value of Rs300,000 as would enable him to travel at any time without payment of any fare by any Pakistani airlines, previously restricted to PIA, or by Pakistan Railways.
Another amendment made to Subsection 2 of Section 10 whereas a member shall, in addition to the vouchers or as the case may be, an amount of Rs90,000 in cash be entitled to 25 [previously 20] business class open return air tickets from the airport nearest to his constituency to Islamabad.
The law is also amended to provide a member and ex-member the same medical facilities as are admissible to an officer of BPS-22 of the federal government.
Further, an ex-member and his spouse shall be entitled to the gratis official (blue) passport.
The law also increased honorarium to Rs25,000 per month from Rs12,700 per month to chairman of the standing committee.