FBR reduces valuation by 42pc for immovable property in Hyatabad


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reduced valuation of immovable property by 42 percent for residential plot located in Hayatabad Town Ship, Peshawar.
The FBR on Thursday issued SRO 15(I)/2018 to amend the SRO 791(I)/2016 dated August 25, 2016, under which the FBR introduced valuation tables for the city of Peshawar.
According to the amended SRO the valuation of residential property in Hayatabad Town Ship has been reduced to Rs540,000 per marla from the previous value of Rs935,310 per marla for the calculation of withholding tax on sale and purchase of the immovable property.
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SRO 791(I)/2016
SRO 15(I)/2015