SRB restores sales tax registration of 11 taxpayers


KARACHI: Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has restored sales tax registration of 11 taxpayers, whose registrations were suspended on non-compliance.
In a communication sent to Pakistan Revenue Automation Pvt Limited (PRAL), SRB has asked to restore the sales tax registration of 11 taxpayers, who were suspended along with 4,338 taxpayers on July 25, 2017.
In view of the foregoing position, the SRB asked the PRAL to restore the registration of taxpayers listed below:
01. M/s. Bilal Ahmed Contractor
02. M/s. Al-Rehmania International
03. M/s. Chetan Jaipal Government Contractor
04. M/s. Nawal Ali Government
05. M/s. Barkat Ali Construction
06. M/s. Unique International
07. M/s. Rajput Enterprises
08. M/s. Habibullah & Brothers
09. M/s. Tariq Enterprises
10. M/s. Arz Muhammad & Co.
11. M/s. Altaf Hussain Jatoi