Fresh blood in government business is need of time

By Adil Ghaffar

Placing right people at right place is the key to success and it is responsibility of people who are holding the reins of government. “Rotten apples, though apples, but bad for consumption.”

It is indeed difficult to understand that from over 220 million Pakistanis why the government is unable to find fresh blood which is more energetic, motivated and enthusiastic.

Pakistan’s human resource is amongst the top pick when the world needs targets to be achieved. Complaints about brain drain from Pakistan are not new and in the absence of government being cognizant it will further erode intelligence from the country.

We are experiencing the worst outcome in the shape of imported goods as foreign items have been given priority over locally manufactured goods and the government is silent. This has resulted in ballooning current account deficit. The trade deficit due to higher imports is normally filled with loan from brotherly countries and multilateral agencies.

Be aware, we should not repeat the same mistake when it comes to human resources.

We have already experienced oldies who failed to deliver and yet again betting on same people will not deliver the objectives of the current government.

The government should be aware of people with integrity and repute. Imported human resource, despite availability of home grown, erupt poignancy.

The new government has constituted various committees. As commented earlier, PTI should get rid of bureaucrats and so called bureaucracy. To start with induct at least 20 percent fresh blood.

The government should not give another chance, in any case, to the already tested rotten apples.

(The writer is General Secretary of PSX Brokers Association)

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  • I am 100% agree with excellent observations of Mr. Adil Ghaffar. PTI govt has good intention to prosper Pakistan as compare to previous PPP & PML-N govt who literally collapse the nation in all respects.

    Prosperity in Pakistan will come only if PTI govt correct the following bad and wrong doings of the past:

    1. Eliminate corruption by hanging few worst corrupt people publicly as putting is Jail is a joke and jailed qualified culprit ultimately run the govt;

    2. Eliminate quota system of Bhutto in Sindh which was introduced in 1973 and extended to another 20 years upto 2033, which is also one of the main reason of hurdle in economic development and brain drain of intellectuals from Pakistan;

    3. Close all govt agencies who are supporting killing and corruption system. No matter if hire neutral experts from abroad;

    4. Bring looted money into Pakistan;

    5. Investigate trillians of rupees PSDP projects funds and Benazir Fund of last nine years and recover huge money;

    6. Implement tax laws in its latter and spirit as every day black economy and corruption are increasing;

    7. Zero tolerance in law and order in the country