ACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE: Pakistan Customs issues procedure to register IMEI of mobile phones


KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has made arrangements to register IMEI of mobile phones/ devices with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for passengers bringing phone devices along with them from abroad.




Pakistan Customs has set up special counters to facilitate international passengers and the facilitation will continue till December 31, 2018.

Pakistan Customs said that in order to regulate registration of mobile devices brought by international passengers, the PTA/Customs in coordination with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would make necessary arrangements at all international airports to aptly inform the incoming passengers about mandatory registration of mobile devices carried in the accompanied baggage.

This may be done by means of appropriate display of the instruction for registration under Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DRIBS) inside the international arrival halls/lounges or by means of leaflet available to the incoming passengers or distributed through tourist agencies, airlines etc.

The following procedure has been devised to regulate registration of mobile devices brought by the international passengers in their accompanied baggage:

The mobile devices brought by international passengers are required to be declared at Customs counters established at all international airports through declaration form;

On receipt of declaration, the customs authorities shall verify the particulars and process the declaration under PTA module for issuance of Certificate of Compliance (CoC);

A system generated CoC shall accordingly be issued by the PTA through the aforesaid module;

Afterwards, the Customs shall assess the import levies applicable on the mobile devices in accordance with the admissible allowances as envisaged in the Baggage Rules, 2006. Thereafter, the passenger shall deposit assessed duty and taxes;

Mobile devices will accordingly by released in accordance with the above mentioned procedure;

In case of non issuance of CoC, the mobile devices shall be detained for further processing under the law.

Pakistan Customs said that the procedure would apply mutatis mutandis for passengers arriving into Pakistan through Land Border Customs Stations.

It further said that in case international passenger, due to any reason may not get the mobile device registered at the time of arrival at the airport, he may approach the nearest customs collectorate for registration of the same within 15 days of the date of arrival in Pakistan.

The passenger will be required to submit declaration form along with copies of travel documents i.e. passport duty stamped for entry into Pakistan.

The collectorates have been directed to furnish the information on monthly basis, regarding import of mobile devices in accompanied baggage.

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