Pakistan Customs to destroy unverified mobile phones


ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed Pakistan Customs to destroy mobile phones that are not verified by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).




The FBR on Thursday issued Customs General Order (CGO) No. 07/2018 to dispose of huge quantity of confiscated smuggled mobile phones in the wake of new regime when only PTA verified mobile phones would be active for phone networks operating in Pakistan.

Through the CGO, the FBR explained a procedure for disposing of confiscated mobile phones and their registration with PTA.

The FBR asked the customs authorities to compile list of confiscated mobiles with details of mobile phone type, brand, model and IMEI number.

The customs collectorates have been directed to send the information to PTA for technical evaluation/certification and their white listing in Device Identification Registration Blocking System (DRIBS).

The FBR said that on issuance of certification of white listing the confiscated mobile phones/devices would be disposed off through open auction.

Further those mobile phones/devices that could not be certified for white listing by the PTA would be destroyed.

Earlier, the FBR issued a separate CGO to regularize unregistered mobile phones which entered into the country through personal baggage and through courier services.

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